About Us

About Us

Kidstoryta™ inspires kids and parents to create stories together, we aim to enhance children’s social, behavioral, emotional, and cognitive development.

Welcome to Kidstoryta™ (pronounced Kid-Story-ttaa) – the app that brings creativity, imagination, and fun to bedtime stories and other occasions.

Our platform was born out of a desire to provide innovative and engaging stories that capture children’s attention and spark their imagination. Tired of the same old storybooks, we harnessed the power of AI to create a story generator that produces unique and diverse stories tailored to your child’s interests.

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At Kidstoryta™, we believe in the power of storytelling to help children develop their cognitive and linguistic abilities and foster a lifelong love of reading. Our story generator exposes children to a variety of narratives, promoting creativity, and stimulating their minds. But we’re not just about fun and entertainment.

Our platform also offers parents the opportunity to create stories that emphasize essential values such as honesty, respect, kindness, empathy, and religious values. By weaving these principles into captivating and memorable stories, parents can use our app to teach important life lessons and promote character development.

So, whether you’re looking for a magical adventure, a heartwarming tale, or a story that imparts valuable life lessons, Kidstoryta™ is here to provide endless hours of entertainment and learning for both children and parents alike.

Join us on this exciting journey and unleash the power of imagination!

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What Parents and
teachers are saying

What Parents and teachers are saying


"Thank you so much for sharing this resource. It is impressive! I already used it with some of the kids, and they loved it! I look forward to implementing it into a lesson"

Mary - Kindergarten teacher, CA


"This app is amazing! I have been using at home with my kids before bedtime everyday and they love it! No more need to buy more stories or come up with new stories on my own!"

Jane - Mom, TX


"This app is fantastic for children as it produces stories tailored to their interests, enhances their creativity, boosts their listening and storytelling abilities, and inspires learning. It's both enjoyable and educational for kids, providing personalized stories that capture their attention. My students loved using it!"

Katia - Elementary school teacher, PA


"As a parent, I'm always looking for ways to encourage my child's love for reading, and this app has been a game-changer! The app allows you to input your child's favorite characters and topic, and within seconds, it generates a unique and engaging story. What's great about this app is that each story is different, so my child is always excited to see what new adventure awaits them. "

Tom - Dad, CA

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Ready to co-create stories with your children now?

Ready to co-create stories with your children?

Discover the joy of collaborative storytelling now